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Simultaneous translation in Valencia

Simultaneous, consecutive, liaison and escort interpreting.

Management of multilingual interpreting events with technical staff and equipment.

If you are planning to conduct a multilingual event in Valencia, a team of accredited interpreters will take charge of meeting your linguistic needs.

We offer simultaneous translation services in congresses and seminars, consecutive translation in presentations and press conferences, liaison translation in business meetings and liaison translation for business trips and visits to fairs and factories.

If you do not have technical equipment, we will also provide you with interpreting booths, microphones for the speakers, receivers for the audience and any other equipment that you require.

All which is nedeed to conduct your simultaneous translation meeting in Valencia, be it onsite, remote or hybrid (onsite with live broadcast).

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Extensive experience in business meetings, congresses and international institutions summits, regional ministries meetings, online seminars (webinars), visits to fairs and showrooms with presentations in front of the public, training sessions and workshops online or at the client’s facilities, notary proceedings, site visits, escorting the client, etc.

Our specialised training as conference interpreters guarantees clients the quality of their communication in any context, as well as proper advice on which type of translation is more better and which equipment is more adequate for each situation.

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