Written translations and other services

General and technical

Translations of general and technical topics.
Specialised in architecture, design, marketing and technology.


Translations that need an extra of cultural adaptation, so that they’re comprehensible and recognisable for the audience.
They’re usually translations of advertising, websites, apps, software and videogames.


Grammar, spelling and style revision of translations and any other type of texts.
The main objective is to produce a text that follows the norm but that is also clear and flows; that’s to say, that’s nice to read.


Subtitling of any kind of audiovisual resource: events, meetings, movies, series…


Transcriptions of any kind of audiovisual resource: meetings, congresses, movie and videos, etc.
They can be done in the original language or translated to another, depending on the need.

Language courses

Language classes for companies, mixing both general and business language. Face-to-face or remote (e.g. Skype).

If you require a personalised language service or one that is not listed above, please get in: